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Computer and Mac/Macbook/iMac Repairs in Uckfield

*90-day parts and labour warranty is included for all repairs. 

We are experts in servicing and repairing PC/Mac/Macbook/iMac in Uckfield.

Based on the Uckfield High street we can cater to all models of PC and Mac

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Call us on:  0333 050 7721

E-mail & iMessage us: info@kordio.uk

Prices are exclusive of any part costs.

A Glossary of Terms is provided at the bottom of this page.

Software Support-PC/Mac/Macbook/iMac
System Restore £69
Data Transfer £69 P/H
Account Recovery £59
Virus Removal £69 P/H
Data Recovery £69 P/H
Fault Diagnosis £59
Hardware Support-PC/Mac/Macbook/iMac

MOT Service

Battery Replacement £69 
SSD Upgrade £69 
Ram Upgrade £69 
Hard Drive Replacement £69 
Data Transfer w/ Upgrade/Replacement £39
Home Support PC/Mac/Macbook/iMac
In-Home Support ( within 10 Miles) £99 P/H


Glossary of terms for PC/Mac/Macbook/iMac

System Restore - We reinstall your operating system and return your system to factory default.

Account Recovery - We help you to recover an account which you have forgotten your detail to or are otherwise having issues with.

Data Recovery - We recover/retrieve the data from your device. 

MOT Service - Your device is cleaned, inspected and optimised to run faster and smoother.

SSD Upgrade - We upgrade your hard drive to an SSD (Solid State Drive) which is much faster than standard hard drives.

Data Transfer with Upgrade/Replacement - This is an add-on service used in conjunction with any upgrade or replacement service. We will transfer all your data to the new replacement or upgraded part.
Please note that devices not collected within 14 days may be responsibly recycled.

P/H - This is a per hour charge incurred. The first hour is always fully charged and then charged every half hour after this.

Please note that devices not collected within 14 days may be responsibly recycled.